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Institutional Painting Contractor

St. Louis Institutional Painting Contractor
Bazan can conquer the most difficult painting jobs.

Institutional Painting Specialists

With a team of specialists, we have the right skills to complete the job on your hospital, school, church or any other institution. Certain jobs require a certain level of respect and efficiency; our employees won’t riddle your location with unnecessary messes for an unnecessary inconvenience. We understand that the job doesn’t just entail completing the assignment as promised; we ensure our client’s satisfaction to the very end. With an industry leading two-year warranty, we stand by our product and guarantee its quality.

Institutional Markets & Services

  • ASA
  • ASA Midwest
  • FCA
  • PDF
  • SSPC
  • NACE
  • BOMA
  • IFMA
  • ASPE
  • LEED