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Our Portfolio

As painting professionals, we understand that looks matter. Our fully trained Journeymen take pride and care in the jobs they complete; and you can see it in our final product. Here, we are gathering a list of completed jobs and services from a range of job sites. We can and have completed jobs in every type of setting and we can paint your business, institution, or home as well!


School Repairs
Every summer our schools need a little help; a year of rowdy students can take its toll on a building. These are images of one school that’s locker room and hallways were in desperate need for fresh paint and epoxy coatings. We were call...
St. Lucas Chapel
St. Lucas Chapel needed a fresh coat. We painted flat white on the walls, and an acoustic textured coating on the ceiling.
Temple Painting
This job was a former Temple turned apartments, theater, and bowling alley!
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