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Bazan Painting in the Star Safety Program

STAR Safety Program Certified Safety is an issue of great priority in construction related fields of work because of potentially dangerous working conditions. Making sure all of the workers are able to return home safely every night is an idea that Bazan Painting feels is a necessity within their company and field. We take many strides to provide that safety to our employees.

Because of that idea, Bazan Painting Company joined the American Subcontractor’s Association’s (ASA) STAR Safety Program. This means that Bazan Painting has made every effort to meet the requirements of the ASA’s safety program.

The 4 major requirement categories that are set in place by the ASA STAR Safety Program are:

  • Management Commitment and Employee Participation
  • Job-Site Analysis
  • Hazard Prevention and Control
  • Training

A safety meeting where we talked about fall prevention and job-site hazards. These requirements lead the company towards building a better safety program for their employees. Workers learn about topics such as fall prevention, personal protective gear, job-site hazards, health tips to live a cleaner lifestyle which leads to higher productivity, and other tips during toolbox talks and safety meetings.

After Bazan Painting joined the program, the safety talks and program lead to future benefits for the company. There will be an annual inspection of a company job-site by a STAR Program Administrator and a consultation. This is consultation and inspection checks up on the company how they are conducting safety in the work areas. Bazan Painting will receive information on how to improve or areas that are being done safely already.

Being a part of this safety program also means that Bazan Painting with be able to receive quarterly Safety Training sessions to continue their safety education. The continued education will also be paired with Safety Program mentoring on certain safety issues. This will aid the company by further progressing the quality of safety for their employees on the job-sites.

Overall, the STAR Safety Program will increase the employee productivity rate while also increasing their self-confidence on the job due to a thorough safety program. Increased productivity and safety leads to lower Experience Modification Rate (EMR), lower Days Away, Restrictions and Transfers (DART) rate, and lower insurance premiums.

Val Perales, Estimator and Project Manager at Bazan Painting, is on the STAR Safety Program Committee and said, “I would encourage anyone who is working on developing a safety plan from scratch or who already has a plan, that they would like reviewed, to contact the ASA Safety Committee and ask how to get started.”

Joining this program is simple because the idea of the program is to start or help build safety programs in construction related field businesses. To see further information on how to join the ASA STAR Safety Program, just click this link: http://www.asamidwest.com/safety/

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